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Differentiating between alcohol abuse and alcoholism can be difficult. The cultural acceptance of drinking often lead to the assumption that habitual abuse of alcohol is normal. As such, most heavy drinkers wait for a crisis before acknowledging that they need alcoholism treatment. But once the individual cannot control the urge to drink and are putting themselves and others at risk, alcoholism treatment is already overdue.

The American Medical Association has classified Alcoholism as a disease. This designation state that Alcoholism or Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a brain disorder that can lead to physical and psychological impairment. Alcoholism treatment effectively stops the abuse and treat the ailments caused by alcohol.

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The most critical issue addressed by professional alcoholism treatment are alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Delirium Tremens is a series of symptoms that 5% of alcoholics experience. These symptoms have been associated with multiple fatalities for those who try to detox without medical oversight. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) explains that delirium tremens are severe manifestations of withdrawals that include hallucinations and seizures.

These manifestations result from alcohol induced imbalances in the brain chemistry that cause excessive neuronal activity when alcohol is withheld. Because it is difficult to predict who will experience life-threatening withdrawal symptoms, detoxing in a medically equipped facility with professional help is highly recommended.

Alcoholism statistics

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and NIAA) records indicate that…
• Over 13 million Americans habitually abuse alcohol.
• Approximately 8.1 million people are suffering with alcoholism.
• 20% of those who commit suicide are alcoholics.
• Three million or more Americans over the age of 60 are alcoholics or regularly abuse alcohol.
• Alcohol use is the leading cause of over a 100,000 deaths annually.

You may have a drinking problem if…

  • You regularly drink to the point where you black out or suffer memory loss. Excessive consumption of alcohol can inhibit normal brain function. Alcoholism in studies have been shown to impair cognitive performance and memory and can lead to permanent and irreversible brain damage.
  • Using alcohol to temporarily self-soothe away depression or unhappy feelings is an indication that you may need help before the problem escalate into full blown alcoholism or even suicide. Alcohol is also a depressant which can actually increase your risk of depression and anxiety.
  • Chronic consumption of alcohol can carry blood to localized regions of the body such as the face. This can give a flushed appearance or broken capillaries. If you or others have observed a change in your appearance, it could indicate that you have a buildup of alcohol in your blood.

If you have tried to stop drinking on your own and have relapsed, it is time to get help.

When repeated efforts to cut back or to stop drinking or you just cannot control the desire to drink this is a strong indication that you have developed a dependency or are already addicted to alcohol.

Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Drug Treatment Centers Deerfield Beach take a comprehensive approach to alcoholism treatment. Our program integrate both holistic and conventional remedies that treat the root cause of addiction and the various biomedical impacts it has on the human body. Our highly qualified, supportive team of doctors, psychiatrists and nurses apply a three stage customized intervention program that includes detoxification, rehabilitation and relapse prevention.

Detoxification entails flushing toxins accumulated from daily alcohol consumption from the body. Alcoholism subject the individual to constant toxic overload that can override functions of the immune system. Overtime the body loses its ability to repair itself.

Our detox program is a safe medically supervised process that alleviate undue discomfort, stabilize withdrawal risks and mitigate any serious health complications. We provide ongoing assessment of the emotional and behavioral complications that may be exacerbated during the withdrawal process. We also help patents to develop an effective aftercare treatment plan to encourage long term sobriety.

Rehabilitation follows the detox process and involves counseling, administration of medications and various multidisciplinary therapeutic interventions. These treatment modalities help the individual to understand the nuances of their addiction, learn coping techniques and develop new patterns of behavior. Patient can access this phase of treatment through an inpatient or outpatient process.

Relapse Prevention strategies and skills enable people in recovery to understand why they became addicted in the first place as well as the person, places or things that can trigger a relapse. This step empowers those in recovery with the confidence to recognize the onset of a relapse and give them the tools to stop it or overcome it as quickly as possible. Relapse prevention training also encourage sobriety maintenance through regular interaction with the individual’s support team which may include regular motivational group meetings.

Drug Treatment Centers Deerfield Beach offers you a serene and healthy environment to help Deerfield Beach residents to recover from alcohol addiction. Don’t face this struggle alone. Call us at today at (954) 281-5492, and let our dedicated staff guide you every step of the way to achieving and maintaining sober and happier life.

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