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In recent years, addiction treatment centers and drug rehab have become a part of the mainstream dialogue. Many celebrities and regular people alike have felt more willing and comfortable seeking addiction treatment and talking about their inner demons and struggles with addiction.

However, as much a part of the mainstream discourse as addiction and addiction rehab have become, many people still do not fully understand the nature of addiction and how it manifests itself in people’s lives. So, in order to support your loved ones struggling with addiction or even determine whether or not you yourself are struggling with a hidden addiction, get to know some of the pertinent facts about addiction.

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What is Addiction?

Addiction is defined in the medical community as a chronic disease of the brain. It involves memory, and the processes of reward and motivation in the brain, as well as the physical neurological pathways within the brain that relate to it. While addiction is primarily a brain disease, it also has a profound effect upon the rest of the body and psyche as well.

What are the Symptoms of Addiction?

The symptoms of addiction can be varied and wide-ranging. Primarily, addiction is the inability to avoid or abstain from partaking in the substance, activity, or behavior that a person is addicted to. If they do try to stop, they experience mental, emotional, and physical withdrawal and discomfort that can only seem to be remedied by what they are addicted to.

Additional symptoms can include changes in behavior, mood swings, withdrawal from interpersonal relationships, and the continued use of a substance or participation in an activity in spite of being aware that it is detrimental to their health or well-being. For example, a meth addict knows that the drug is responsible for the extreme damage to their teeth, but they do not stop using to stop the problem.

What Can You Be Addicted To?

While most people only think of addiction as pertaining to drugs and alcohol, they can actually run the gamut from substances to activities. Addiction does not necessarily have to be to an illegal substance such as drugs, or a controlled substance like nicotine or alcohol.

A common addiction that people do not usually take seriously is a caffeine addiction, for example. However, caffeine addiction withdrawals can be very hard on the body leading to massive withdrawal migraine headaches, muscle aches, and extreme fatigue.

Other addictions are even less obvious. Gambling addiction, while sometimes joked about, is another very real and serious problem that requires treatment to move beyond. Gambling addicts will continue to bet, go to casinos, and spend money on lottery tickets in spite of the fact that they do not win back the money they spend and continue to put their financial, social, and even physical life on jeopardy.

Essentially what it boils down to is that a person can become addicted to virtually anything.
The term addiction encompasses a wide variety of substances and behaviors, but must meet the terms of the definition of an addiction in which the person cannot abstain from the substance or activity, experiences extreme discomfort or anxiety when kept from it, and it affects the motivation and reward centers in the brain.

How Is Addiction Treated?

Addiction treatment varies depending on what a person is addicted to, but the basic tenants are the same. Medical detoxification is a primary addiction treatment process. It involves getting the substance or behavior out of your system completely. For substance addiction, in particular, this process should be done under strict medical supervision as the physical effects of detox can be dangerous without IV fluids and monitoring.

In addition to detox, the person recovering from addiction can and should attend therapy– individual, group, or both. This helps to maintain abstinence once the detox process is over and helps to get to the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. These treatments can occur as a part of inpatient rehab treatment or as an outpatient as well. Alternative treatments are possible as well including acupuncture, art therapy, and chiropractic care.

Drug Treatment Centers Deerfield Beach offers a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment programs that begin with a medical detox and progresses into therapy and alternative treatment. Drug Treatment Centers Deerfield Beach also incorporates aftercare into their program because we believe that relapse prevention and follow up care is essential to everlasting sobriety.

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